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        Secure Delivery Service included n the price

        Secure Delivery Service included n the price
        At Chateau we take pride in giving the customer what they want. Luxurious high quality furniture at affordable prices, and also a no fuss stress free secure delivery service.

        Prices include delivery to most parts of the UK.

        Delivery surcharges will apply to higher northern regions of Scotland and remote parts of Wales, please email us at: Info@chateau.co.uk for a quotation.

        We also deliver to to Ireland, please email us first at: Info@chateau.co.uk for a delivery quotation.

        Delivery times

        Delivering your small items in stock?br> Delivery times for small items will be within 3-5 working days.

        Delivering your larger items in stock?br> Delivery times for your larger more fragile items will be within 21 days and is a one man delivery service, so please ensure someone is there to help.

        Delivering your bespoke items and items not in stock?
        Delivery times for bespoke orders and items not in stock will be within 14 weeks of placing your order.

        Measuring up before ordering your item
        It抯 the customer抯 responsibility to ensure your item fits, please measure up before ordering, i.e. measure doorways, ceiling heights and staircases etc.

        Arranging delivery times
        Once you have placed your order you will receive a phone call from our logistics delivery team to arrange a suitable delivery time.
        Once the delivery time has been arranged we ask that there is a responsible person present at the time of delivery to check the item and sign for it upon delivery.
        If there is nobody present at the arranged delivery time, then another delivery time will be arranged and a delivery charge will occur.

        Please check your items before signing
        Please check all items on delivery, before signing for them.
        In the unlikely event of your item arriving damaged, please reject delivery and state why on the form, whilst the delivery driver is with you - so the item can be returned immediately and a replacement arranged.

        We want all customers to have a stressfree enjoyable experience with us, so if you do have any questions, queries or if you want a simple update regarding delivery please email us at info@chateau.co.uk, or you can call us on 01829 270814 and we will be happy to assist you.

        Due to Convid our drivers are only able to offer a kerbside delivery service. Hopefully this is a temporary service and will resume back to normal shortly.

        Many thanks -
        The Chateau Team
        ON TREND
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